T’is The Season….

(c) MeiTeng | FreeImages.com

With only a week to go until Christmas Day, I think I’ve managed to just about get all the presents bought and wrapped. Dinner will be at my mother’s house, and prepared by my partner. This year I’ve both shopped online and in town – thankfully the queues haven’t been too bad, this year!

The living room is looking festive, and this year I’ve gone for battery-operated lights. I have three trees in the room – all fake. The main one which is sitting on a corner table, a smaller one in the bay window and an even smaller one on the mantelpiece. Unfortunately the chimney was blocked off before we moved in, so Santa has to use his magic key to be able to leave the children’s presents.

I have the Christmas edition of the Radio Times, but haven’t yet circled what I plan to watch or record, yet. What I, and my family, are definitely doing is watching the Doctor Who Christmas Special. Can’t wait for that!

How are you getting on with your preparations? Running around, frazzled, or did you have everything bought and organised months ago? Or maybe you don’t celebrate Christmas, just see it as another day, and are giggling at all those panicking shoppers filling up the shops around this time of year.

Well, whatever you are doing on Thursday 25th December, have a fantastic and fun day!

Merry Christmas! x